Aku VRLA AGM LP 200Ah/2000A

Tootekood: 1806-12200
Ühik: tk
Hind: 670,00 €

Mõõtmed: 522x240x224
Tüüp: 200Ah/2000A (5s) (- / +)
Tootjad: LP
Pinge: 12V
Kirjeldus: VRLA AGM: completely sealed, maintenance free, excellent cycle life, 12 years design life in float service, reliable and safe standby battery, robust construction. suitable for a variety of standby applications: backup power / uninterruptible power supply (UPS), telecommunication systems, power grid, medical & healthcare equipment, emergency lights and security systems Kirjeldus: 58kg, T11 terminals: ø20mm with threaded M8 insert, max charging current 60A, reference capacity: C3 154.8Ah - C5 174.5Ah - C10 200Ah - C20 212Ah, operating temperature: discharge -20°C … +60°C, charge 0°C … +50°C, storage -20°C … +60°C, normal operating temperature 25°C ±5°C